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Crystal Candle Grande - Bellari Home
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Crystal Candle Grande

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Introducing a Grand and grandiose size version of our most loved Luxurious Crystal Candle.

The Crystal Candle is the right blend between softness, luxury, and sophistication with an effortless demeanor that we are known for. The outer part of the candle is made out of crystalized wax that subtly lights up reflecting a beautiful glow.

This elegant candle redefined the meaning of ‘Eco chic’ with an innovative, clean-burning candle made from food-grade-certified coconut oil.

Our hand crafted candle provides the cleanest burn available and is among the first sustainable wax alternatives to hit the market. The final result is a wax like no other, providing an amazing, clean-burning candle that never collects soot, exudes a delicious white tea ginger root fragrance and is truly ecologically responsible. The purity of coconut oil allows the fragrance to burn true, releasing the natural perfume without distortion. 

Our eco-friendly candle is designed to be beautiful but also help you live your best life possible! The right blend between softness and sophistication with an effortless demeanor mirrored throughout our entire Crystal Candles collection.

  • Burn up to 6 hours at a time
  • Trim wick 1/4" prior to lighting
  • If smoke occurs, extinguish flame, trim & relight
  • Keep wax pool free of debris
  • Burn on temperature safe surface
  • 14.1”W x 14.1”L x 5.9”H

      Due to the fragile nature of this item, all sales are final. For more information please read our refund policy here.

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      Make a statement

      Take your home to the next level with our beautiful Crystal Candle. Made out of eco-friendly wax and food-grade coconut oil, this elegant and luxurious piece will redefine what “chic” really means! The outer part has been crystalized to give off a subtle glow as it burns giving you an easy way for adding class into any room with an effortless demeanor.There's never been anything quite like them before.

      Natural Coconut Soy Wax

      No Parabens, Sulfates or Dye

      No Synthetic Fragrance


      The showstopper

      The ultimate statement piece for any room, our largest size of Crystal Candle! This grandiose and magnificent creation will elevate your space to new heights with its beautiful design and unique scent.

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      Though burn times vary depending on the atmosphere they’re burning in, generally our candles burn:
      Petite size: 75-85 hours
      Original size: 270-280 hours
      Grande size: 400-425 hours

      We recommend burning your candles for up to 6 hours at a time.

      Size: 7.87"W x 7.87"L x 2.75"H
      Weight: ~2.80 lbs

      Size: 10.62"W x 10.62"H x 3.9"L
      Weight: ~7.70 lbs

      Size: 14.1"W x 14.1"L x 5.9"H
      Weight: ~16.5 lbs

      All candles are made by hand and may have slight variations in size and weight.

      Crystalized finish shell made of wax, filled inside with non-toxic coconut wax making it the cleanest burn on the market.

      Subtle white tea ginger. The perfect aroma to light all year long.