Lucia Boucle Bench - Bellari Home
Lucia Boucle Bench - Bellari Home
Lucia Boucle Bench - Bellari Home
Lucia Boucle Bench - Bellari Home

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Lucia Boucle Bench

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Introducing the Lucia Bench to the Luna Collection. Warm and welcoming, the Lucia bench beckons you to relax. With its cozy bouclé cream upholstery embellished with deep channel stitching, it encourages a peaceful respite from life's chaotic moments - so treat yourself to some well-deserved rest with this invitation for comfort!

45.67" x 18.5" x 18.11"
Material: 81% polyester | 19% acrylic
Boucle Cream

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A Warm Radiance

Unveiling the newest addition to the Luna Collection: the Lucia Bench. Radiating warmth and inviting comfort, this bench invites you to unwind and embrace tranquility. Adorned with plush bouclé cream upholstery intricately detailed with deep channel stitching, it offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Indulge in some much-needed relaxation with this irresistible oasis of coziness.

Luxurious Comfort

The realm of luxurious comfort with the exquisite Lucia Bench, the latest jewel of the Luna Collection. Crafted to envelop you in a cocoon of serenity, this bench promises not just a seat, but an experience—a sanctuary where relaxation takes center stage. Picture yourself sinking into its sumptuous bouclé cream upholstery, each fiber inviting you to unwind and let go of the day's stresses.

As you gaze upon the Lucia Bench, let your imagination wander to the countless moments of bliss it holds in store. Imagine curling up with your favorite book. Whatever your vision of relaxation may be, the Lucia Bench stands ready to bring it to life, beckoning you to indulge in moments of pure tranquility.

Discerning taste & Quality

Beyond its undeniable comfort, the Lucia Bench is a statement piece—a testament to your discerning taste and commitment to quality. Its elegant design effortlessly enhances any space, whether placed at the foot of your bed, nestled in a cozy reading nook, or gracing the entryway of your home.

Indulge in the luxury you deserve and make the Lucia Bench your own. Embrace the invitation it extends—a promise of comfort, style, and moments of sheer bliss. Let it be more than just a piece of furniture; let it be a symbol of the joy found in life's simple pleasures. With the Lucia Bench, every day is an opportunity to unwind, recharge, and bask in the beauty of relaxation.

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